The Clix CS Build Process

  • Prepare quotation on receipt of your architects’ drawings

  • Discuss any specific requirements or optional items


  • Receipt of signed order & deposit to cover initial design & engineering
  • Receipt of frozen Architects drawings


  • Design review
  • Preparation of Line & Point loads or simple confirmation of load bearing walls
  • Preparation of Plans & Vertical Alignment drawings for approval


  • Client comments on General Arrangements & Vertical Alignment Drawings
  • Amend as necessary
  • Client Approval (drawing freeze)
  • Confirm Delivery Date
  • Client proceeds with ground works/ slab


  • Complete Engineering
  • Complete design for production
  • Issue to the Factory to meet production slot


  • Confirm delivery date
  • Cut & manufacture panels
  • Cut & process floors
  • Pick Ancillary items
  • Load for delivery


  • Check base for dimensional accuracy (+/- 10mm)
  • Our site attendances
  • Risk Assessment, Method Statement
  • Erection & Sign off
  • Completion Certificate


  • Roofer
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • etc


The Kingspan TEK delivery partner network offers flexible packages to meet your particular needs, from simply designing and erecting the building shell, to a full turn-key package including heating and ventilation, windows, doors and staircases.

Clix is a Kingspan TEK delivery partner

Clix will work with your designer or architect to turn initial planning drawings into a complete CAD drawing and provide a fairly comprehensive quote including the type of plant needed, extent of scaffolding and any additional structural elements that may be required such as glulam roof beams.

Once the design is agreed, the Delivery Partner will work with your building contractor to provide the engineering calculations and line and point loads for your foundation, helping to ensure this work is fully completed before the panels are delivered to site. Whilst this work is ongoing, the Delivery Partner will get to work at their own sites cutting the panels to size on a giant CNC cutting machine. They are then labelled up to ensure a fast and accurate installation.

The Delivery Partner will stay in touch throughout the production process, clearly communicating the expected start date. Once the panels are delivered to site, the installation itself can be completed very quickly. The Delivery Partner installers will first fix a treated sole plate to the foundation – creating the outline of the building footprint. Urethane foam is applied to the soleplate and the SIPs are lifted– either by hand or with a lightweight lifting vehicle – slotted in place and secured with mechanical fixings. Adjoining panels are slotted together using the cassette joint (again with urethane foam applied to joints). Once the external ground floor walls are erected, timber battens are fitted to the top of the panels and the internal walls can be erected.

Next the floor joists can be hung from the panels and an OSB or particleboard flooring installed over the top. A bottom plate is then fitted around the perimeter of the floor, and the second-floor panels lifted and slotted into place.

For pitched roofs, purlins are fitted into pre-cut slots at the top of the wall panels. The SIP roof panels can then be lifted and fitted. TEK panels can also be used in flat roof configurations and have even been used to create barrel roofs.

The Delivery Partners will also fully wrap the building shell with a breather membrane and prepare the pre-cut opening for doors, windows and rooflights. They can either carry out installation of these features and the outer cladding, or provide guidance to the building team to ensure these features are accurately installed and sealed to limit air leakage and thermal bridges. Before handover, they will carry out a full check of the building to ensure your complete satisfaction.

For more information visit the Kingspan website here

tel: +33 6 40 14 72 66